Bangor Adventure (Half Day)

The Half Day Bangor Adventure uses state of the art pedal assisted Electric mountain bikes to explore Bangor, an extraordinary private Tasmanian coastal property. Natural trails through Blue gum and She oak forests allow us to reach the spectacular Cape Frederick Henderick.

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The Bangor full day adventure is the premier adventure, food and story experience. Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures provides exclusive access to ride this remarkable coastal landscape, you will have the luxury of experiencing, secluded beaches, wild forest and dramatic cliffs to yourselves. This remarkable ride enables an all-encompassing experience of exploring in continuous flowing circuit an iconic ride that connects some of the wildest and solitary coastline in south eastern Tasmania.



why ride with us?

Tasmanian E-bike Adventures is owner-operated by Ben Rea, a qualified specialist with a  dedication to the conservation of Tasmania’s wild natural environment

Our mission is to give our guests an exceptional and unique opportunity to reconnect with the natural world.

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the ebikes

Unlock your spirit of adventure using the world’s most exciting electric bike technology from Germany. Our fleet of HaiBike XDURO HardSevens bring the comfort and joy of state of the art German engineering to your personal Tasmanian E-bike Adventure.

E-bikes take the physical effort out of riding by giving you the control to make your ride as challenging as you would like.

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