Maria Island Marine Protected Area

Maria Island Marine Reserve

If you visit Maria Island National Park and don’t explore the marine reserve you have only experienced half of this remarkable island!
The underwater adventure combines excitement and relaxation by e-Biking and snorkelling the world renowned Maria Island National Park and Marine Protected Area.

Above and below water

Packing wetsuits, fins, snorkels and masks into personal dry- backpacks you will ride off to explore the remarkable biodiversity of a temperate underwater wilderness.
The coastal trail along Maria’s western shore hugs the beaches and bays of the marine protected area. Together we discover the fascinating history, flora and fauna above and below the high water mark.

Fully guided experience

Kelp forests, giant crayfish and turquoise clear water make this some of the most beautiful snorkel diving on the planet. With your qualified instructor/guide you will be immersed in the wonders of Tasmania’s marine environment!

East coast locals

TEBA founder Ben Rea and his family have been diving the shores of Maria Island for generations. Since the establishment of the marine reserve in 1991scientists and recreational divers have witnessed the restoration of this amazing underwater eco system.

Ground breaking for its time the Maria Island Marine Reserve has become one of the worlds most studied marine protected areas, monitoring the impacts of climate change and the warming ocean currents, and as a no fishing zone acting as a comparison for marine life populations outside the protected area.

Supersized crayfish (Southern Rock Lobster) have seen a dramatic and positive recovery inside the reserve and play a vital role in protecting the kelp forests from invasive spiny sea urchins that impact the kelp forests of south east Tasmania.
Exploring the Maria marine protected area on a Tasmanian eBike adventure allows you to experience a swim back in time and observe what life underwater looked like prior to commercial and recreational fishing.


TEBA adventures conform to international wildlife viewing guidelines and advocate for the extension of Tasmania’s marine reserve network along with a review of sustainable fishing practices. 

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