Why Ride With Us?

We don’t just ride bikes!  We are a locally owned and operated Tasmanian travel company hosting sustainable natural and cultural adventures.


Empowering your experience

As our guest you will be empowered to experience and share Tasmania as a place of wild nature and native stories.

We are authentically local and niche in approach. Our focus is to build relationships between traveler and place that benefit the local community and environment through cultural, economic and environmental exchange.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to shift perspectives to enable personal, community and environmental benefits.
We understand that tourism sometimes can do more harm than good to the environment and communities that it takes place in. TEBA is committed to using tourism as a force for good to benefit the community and natural values of Tasmania.



How does TEBA positively contribute to Tasmania?

At TEBA, we believe in giving back to the place we love, live and work. Our focus is on education for sustainability along with supporting youth leaders in fields of social environmental & adventure leadership.

Our profits contribute to:

  • Environmental education and sustainability awareness at a local grass roots & industry level along with engaging directly with government to advocate for  responsible tourism planning
  • Youth empowerment- adventure leadership and entrepreneurship pathways for Tasmanian youth

Media Stories

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Our Vision

For our tours to act as a respectful, empowering and educational experience that inspires our guests to take action to care for wild nature.

Our guiding philosophy and principles offer you a complete adventure where you can experience the full beauty of Bangor and Maria Island National Park, without compromising the environment.


Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures provides exclusive access to ride a most remarkable coastal landscape. You will have the luxury of experiencing, secluded beaches, wild forest and dramatic cliffs to yourselves on  iconic rides that connect some of the wildest and most solitary coastlines in south eastern Tasmania.

Our Sustainability Policy

Your Guide

With your highly qualified, specialist guide Ben you are assured a bespoke experience through which you can discover, explore and connect with these breathtakingly scenic and biodiverse  wild Tasmanian coastlines.

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