Why Ride with us

The key role of a TEBA guide is to understand and support the needs of each individual participant. Tasmanian Ebike Adventures creates an experience by genuinely connecting with and developing a relationship with our guests. Our focus is that of a coach with attention to supporting participants in finding their riding confidence and individual connection to the environment they are travelling in.

Minimising the  Impacts

  • TEBA is registered as a licenced tour operator with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Exclusive partnership agreement with Bangor outlining our activities
  • Small groups of 10 riders ensuring we are not overusing the trails or impacting on natural or cultural sensitivity of places visited.
  • Ratio of 1 instructor to 5 guests enables high quality guided experience and management of small groups
  • We educate participants on minimum impact and sustainability of the trails
  • TEBA guides respect all other trail users and wildlife

Mountain Biker’s Minimal Impact Code

  • Ride in control at all times
  • Avoid skidding
  • Never ride in areas where cycling is prohibited
  • Do not cut corners
  • Never make new tracks unnecessarily
  • Always remain on the track
  • Be considerate of others. Wildlife and farm animals deserve basic courtesy
  • Wash your bike tires before riding in different areas. This will help prevent spreading disease &unnatural migration of species.
  • Be an ambassador for your sport, tell others about good practice and help ensure the longevity of the sport.

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