Giving Back

Invitation to contribute

Tasmanian eBike Adventures’ vision is for our tours to act as a respectful, empowering and educational experience that inspires our guests to take action to care for wild nature. Guests may choose to contribute funds or in-kind contributions toward specific projects in the fields of Tasmanian land conservation and/ or education leadership.


(Tasmanian Land Conservation)

Help the Tasmanian Land Conservancy purchase, protect and manage land for nature conservation.

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Education and leadership

(Youth Development)

Supporting opportunities for emerging young Tasmanian leaders in the field of adventure and sustainability.

Part profits from the business contribute toward facilitating specific projects in the above fields.

Guests are invited to offer their skills expertise and financial contributions more information information about contributions is available by contacting [email protected] or asking when out on an adventure.

Education for Sustainability Tasmania

Tasmanian eBike Adventures is a member of Education for Sustainability Tasmania, a UN-recognised centre of sustainability expertise. In 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, Ben Rea undertook a study trip to Haida Gwaii in Canada to explore models of community leadership in sustainable tourism. On return Ben initiated a community forum of experts to examine the topic of Sustainable Tourism models in Tasmania.

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