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Immerse yourself in a Tasmanian E-Bike Adventure amongst the stunning natural beauty of Bangor, a privately-owned property located less than an hour from Hobart on the hidden Forestier Peninsula in Tasmania’s exquisite South East.

Encompassing 5100 hectares of native forest and grasslands and edged by 35km of spectacular coastline, Bangor offers a fascinating insight into Tasmania’s Aboriginal (First Nation) and European histories. The property is also a haven for a remarkably diverse array of Tasmania’s unique plant and animal communities.


Choose Your own Adventure

Choose your own Bangor adventure and experience this remarkable coastal landscape, including secluded beaches, wild forest and dramatic cliffs in a way that suits you.

Tell us when you would like to visit, how many people in your group, and what you would like to see and do, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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