About Sheldon Thomas

Tasmanian Aboriginal culture guide and First Nation healer Sheldon Thomas is a pioneer of restoring the ancient cultural practices of his ancestors. Sheldon is recognised nationally as a master traditional bark canoe maker.

Over the past decade Ben has shared a journey of healing and friendship with Sheldon, supporting him to establish Trowunna Tours which has evolved into a unique and authentic sharing of experiences of country.

The Nohoiner experience combines the structure of an adventure with First Nation knowledge and culture to enable a unique, meaningful journey for guests.


Today’s profoundly resilient Tasmanian Aboriginal community practises their culture on the same land as their ancestors have occupied for over 40,000 years, making them one of the oldest living cultures on Earth.

Tasmanian E-bike Adventures was established with the guidance and support of friends in the Aboriginal community, with a core goal of supporting the development of cultural understanding and innovating opportunities to heal relationships and the land. This ongoing work is undertaken through promoting the value of learning from the spiritual relationship the present day community members have with their ancient country.

Photo Credit: Peter Dombrovskis


Sheldon is a direct descendant of Mannalargenna the famous warrior leader and peace negotiator from North East Tasmania. Through his other family line he has Bunurong Victorian ancestry.

Sheldon has spent his life understanding and developing his gifts as a traditional healer mentored by celebrated Indigenous Ngangkari Healer and Arrernte Elder Uncle Frank Ansell of central Australia. He has reclaimed the sacred practices of energy healing that sustained his ancestors and is able to share this unique gift with those who are seeking to explore and develop their own understanding of self.

Ben Rea is an 8th generation Tasmanian adventurer and educator. Ben’s family home is east coast Tasmania and his story originates from the white settlement of Van Dieman’s Land. Family ancestor Robert Carter Alomes was a British Royal Marine’s Sergeant in Lieutenant Governor David Collins’ shore landing party and was responsible for raising the flag in Hobart on arrival on 16 February, 1804.

Ben has built his career as a wilderness guide, outdoor educator and conservationist. Through the past two decades he has worked closely with Tasmania’s First Nation community in the struggle to protect Tasmania’s wild landscapes including the Tarkine and his island’s ancient wild forests.

Sheldon and Ben are proud to offer personalised and deeply meaningful Tasmanian experiences crafted around cultural connection to the land, sea, stories and adventure.


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